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The Biorock seminars are training workshops which gather experts of coral restoration, professionals and teachers, and focus its participants onto all the aspects of the coral reefs protection by using the Biorock technology.
The scope of these seminars covers all aspects from the theory to the practice, and especially the design, the assembly, the installation, the supervision, the maintenance and the repair of the Biorock structures. Other conferences will cover the basic of the ecology of coral reefs, the threats on coral reefs, and the restoration of the environment.

The Biorock workshops are specially designed for dive shops, hotels and resorts, marine conservation organizations, coast guard administrators, fishermen’s communities, marine scientists, travel agencies, landscape architects, engineers, artists, governmental authorities, environment and tourism decision-makers.

The Biorock workshops will help all those who are interested to:
  • Learn how to identify broken, overturned live corals that have a second chance of survival with our help
  • Learn how to safely pick up heavy corals and to find suitable substrate to transplant onto for the coral to attach to once overturned and secured.
  • Gain reef conservation skills you can take with you travelling and diving around the world
  • Learn what a Biorock is whilst diving around the world’s largest concentration of Biorock reef structures.
  • Briefing includes why the Gili islands reefs depend on artificial reef restoration. The basics of what a Biorock is and how it is advantageous to Gili islands tourism, fish populations and reefs.
  • Help our volunteers’ check the structures are on, working properly and harbouring the correct corals.
  • Learn about coral ecology and the importance of coral reefs in the marine environment. The course raises awareness to the state of coral reefs global and the need for awareness and responsible behaviour to protect remaining healthy reefs.
  • Take part in training to identify damaged coral reefs, the causes of destruction and the use of Biorock technology for restoration and erosion prevention.
  • Learn how a Biorock works and why they are more successful than other reef restoration techniques. Will also gain an insight into how they are advantageous in preventing coastal erosion and eco-tourism.
  • Gain a PADI Distinctive Speciality certification
To register to the next Biorock seminar, please contact Delphine Robbe, manager of Gili Eco Trust, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or have a look at our Biorock workshop website at www.biorock-workshop.org