Gili Eco Trust, or Yayasan Ekosistem Gili indah, is an NGO based on Gili Trawangan. It was founded in 2000 to protect the coral reefs around the Gili islands from destructive fishing. In 1999 local fishermen founded the SATGAS to patrol the waters around the three Gili islands. At that time there was a lot of dynamite and cyanide fishing, destroying all the coral and killing the aquatic life inhabiting the reefs. Coral reefs had been left in a disastrous state after the intense El Niño in 1997-1998. The local population reacted and started to organize patrols around the islands in order to eliminate and educate against the bad fishing practices. An agreement was concluded between the fishermen, defining the legal techniques of fishing, limited to certain authorized zones, with the purpose of putting an end to dynamite and cyanide fishing practices.

To support the SATGAS, the main dive shops of the Gili islands decided to establish the NGO Gili Eco Trust in 2000. The idea was to encourage a reef donation of 50,000IDR (€4, US$5) per diver, in order to financially assist the initiative of SATGAS. This donation was chiefly used to pay the SATGAS employees, to place buoys of anchoring, to restore the reefs, and to organize many other non-profit projects to protect the environment around the islands. Now, we encourage all tourists, divers and non divers to contribute a small donation whilst staying on Gili Trawangan to ensure the future of our projects.

In the meantime, Gili Eco Trust has grown and expanded its activities from marine conservation to waste management and sustainable eco tourism. From 2004, Gili Eco Trust started the Biorock project, creating artificial reefs and restoring the natural habitat of thousands of fish in previously destroyed areas of reef. Gili Eco Trust also supervises the waste management on Gili Trawangan from collection to processing recyclable materials and transporting them off the island. Next to these two huge campaigns, there is a lot going on with smaller eco-projects which you can read more about on this website, such as working horse healthcare clinics and educational workshops for kids, tourists and hospitality staff.

There is plenty more information on our current projects and campaigns [here].


Our mission is to create a sustainable island. To promote ecotourism and provide a healthy environment for working animals. To restore our coral reefs and to replenish our natural fish populations. To ensure that all waste created on Gili T is reduced to minimum levels and managed and separated properly for recycling projects where materials can be transported off the island.


Restore and protect the coral reefs around the Gili islands by building more Biorock structures, installing moorings to prevent further anchor damage and provide education and marine workshops.

Prevent and manage waste and rubbish on Gili Trawangan by recycling and educating both locals and tourists.

Clean up Gili Trawangan by organizing weekly beach clean-ups and island clean-up days.

Reducing the amount of plastic on the island by motivating businesses to provide water refill stations and get locals and tourists to stop buying bottled water,.and encouraging the ban of plastic bags.


Learn about our very own changemaker Delphine Robbe, and the reason why she made it her lifelong mission to save Gili Trawangan and its coral reefs. First 5minutes in Dutch, the rest is English!