Gili Trawangan, the island of sun, sea and sand has many activities to offer above and below the sea; This is what makes it so popular with tourists and backpackers. We can guide and inform you, through the huge range of activities without damaging the island’s environment. Drop by our office and learn how to be a responsible tourist, what are the most sustainable fish to eat and where you can refill your water bottle on the island to keep your eco footprint small!

Eco-souvenir shop

Our office isn’t just an office and Gili Eco Trust headquarters, but also an eco-friendly souvenir shop. Take a look at our homemade, unique jewellry, upcycled from bottles found on the island. Buy a reusable shopping bag so you can say goodbye to all the plastic!

Say no to plastic straws and buy your bamboo straws here so that don’t create more litter!

Check out our vintage clothes rail with beautiful summer dresses and vest tops, if you do more shopping on Gili and don’t have space in your bag, you can donate us your old clothes as well!

We also have a big assortment of recycled glass, from drinking glasses to ashtrays and candle protectors and shot glasses! All made from bottles found during clean-ups and recycled from bars on the island. As a plus, we also have a free book swap, so you can read a new book on the lovely beach.

Debris Free Friday

Every friday we work with our eco partners SeaMade on Gili T to get together with divers, tourists and locals at 5pm to clean the beach. For one hour only we clean the beach to rid it of marine debris and litter, and are rewarded with an ice cold beer for your great effort and passion! Good karma to start a great weekend!

Snorkeling tour

Join our eco snorkeling tour to the biorock structures. See how corals grow, turtles chill and fish swim on and around our structures! In 1,5 hour we show you over 60 artifical reef structures for a minimum donation of 50,000rp per person.

Snorkelling equipment not included, and participants are required to be able to competently swim in open water.

RE-cycle Gili tour

Follow us on a bike tour through the heart of the island seeing the true paradise that Gili Trawangan is. Immerse yourself in sasak culture and then explore the darker side of the development on the island – the dump. With 20 tonnes of trash being collected from businesses every day, each one of us contributes to expanding the dump that many people never get a chance or care to see. We are uncovering the truth, turning businesses around to a greener more sustainable approach.

Stand Up Paddle Eco Safari

Bit of an adventurer? Want to explore the Gili islands? Want to make a difference and help save our beautiful seas? Then a SUP Eco Safari could be the perfect choice for your next fun day in paradise where you can really help to conserve the environment. We lead small groups from the beaches of Gili Trawangan across the channel to the south of Gili Meno. During the trip, we clean our ocean and collect debris floating in our beautiful blue water. Visit our office or contact us for more information!

Choose Your Cidomo Wisely

The 3 Gilis are proud to boast islands’ free of motorized transport, sticking to traditional movement methods still used regularly in Lombok as well. The Cika Doka Mobil – otherwise known as the Cidomo (pronounced ‘Cee-Doh-Moh) are used as tourist taxis and also to transport goods and materials around the island.
Whilst there are many organizations striving to improve the welfare and health standards of our working horses and educating horse drivers, these animals’ welfare remains largely in the hands of YOU, the tourists using them!

To ensure that this tradition is upheld sustainably (for the horses and local livlihood) we urge you to educate yourselves how to choose a happy healthy horse. With more tourists opting for ethical treatment to working horses, the more the drivers will push for better practices to keep up their trade and livelihood.

Research where your hotel is before you arrive, many people don’t even know how lucky they are that almost all hotels, hostels and resorts on Trawangan are less than a 20minute walk!