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Marine conservation, Reef Gardening, Biorock Reef Restoration technology and Reef Check Eco diver course dates:

6th-18th March (2 weeks)
15th-27th May (2 weeks)
19th June - 1st July (2weeks)
2nd-14th October (2weeks)
6th-18th November (2 weeks)
Minimum 4 people, Maximum 12 people
Anyone interested in Biorock Reef Restoration technology and/ or becoming a Reef Check Eco diver, join our 2 weeks program with Delphine and Trawangan Dive.
Diving volunteers and interns must join this course to be able to do their research or help us with Biorock maintenance, coral reefs studies or any water involved jobs.
Students must have a minimum certification of Advanced Open Water to enroll in the 2 week program, but it only takes five days to complete both the PADI Open Water and Advanced courses.
During the 2 weeks students will complete the Biorock® Specialty course (PADI specialty certification) and Reef Check Eco diver Certification to be able to do Reef Surveys all over the world. Reef Check material included, diving 2 times a day.
Students will gain further knowledge and experience in reef ecosystem identification, Reef survey techniques and coral gardening. 2 dives every day, some nice theory time, coral watch dive, coral reefs biology, lot of practical, clean up, shark release...etc During the second week of this program students will work together to create their own Biorock®: designing, building, welding, sinking, connecting and learning about the main aspects of the Biorock maintenance.
The 2 weeks course costs 10millions IDR included all of the above and certifications
One week program for only Biorock is 4 millions IDR, on request with a group
Contact us for more details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For larger group bookings, specific dates can be requested.

The Gili Eco Trust is happy to welcome volunteers.

Please contact Delphine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out about the conditions of our volunteering programs.
All year around, we are looking for help in:

- Marine Biologists or divers to monitor and maintain Biorock reefs and to publish articles or report about the amazing results.

- Electrician / Engineer to develop a tidal energy turbine to power the Biorock with ocean current

- Permaculture / Biodynamism specialists for our organic gardens set up and projects to expand.

- Vets and assistant vets to help out in our next clinic: next clinic in April 2016 starting on the 4th

- Volunteer to update our website (English, French, Spanish, German), increase our marketing and social media coverage.

- Follow up on data collection for sharks, turtles and ray population as well as identification of the reef sharks around the Gilis, study and statistics of the data as well.

- GIZ mapping students or experts to update the 3 island maps with zones of the Marine Protected area

- Promoting our recycling products on the 3 islands, as well as all over Indonesia

- Setting up a newsletter and updating the mailing lists as well as keeping the communication with all businesses who support our NGO and getting more businesses involved in our projects

- Business or marketing students or experts: to help marketing our actions and applying for grants, as well as helping to organise fundraising events.

- Volunteers who are interested in teaching at the local school: English, sports, environment, sciences, anything you want to share!

- Volunteers / artists who want to work with plastic, glass or any other items that are not recycled locally to make a sustainable business or create some kind of structure for the corals to grow on!

- Working a on waste management plans for Gili Trawangan: working with Bank Sampah, Eco Bali, APGT, FMPl. Education, strategy, evaluation of quantity and quality of rubbish to find best solutions to apply on Trawangan...etc

For larger group bookings, specific dates can be requested.

Been there, done that!
Some of our previous volunteers tell us a little bit about their experiences with the Eco Trust

Christine - August 2016
I'm Christine Evans and I am a volunteer with the Gili Eco Trust. I am from the United States (Texas specifically) where I studied marine biology in college. For the past 4½ years I have been working in aquariums, from rearing jellyfish to swimming with sharks. I have always had a passion for marine conservation and had been looking for a way to get involved and learn more about this field for quite some time. While looking through a scuba diving magazine, I stumbled across the Gili Eco Trust. It was exactly what I had been looking for: the perfect combination of education and conservation, both of which are really important to me. Immediately, I signed up for the Reef Check and Biorock course and committed myself to 2 months of volunteering. During the 2 week course, I learned so much about the local marine life and the importance of biorocks. Now I spend my time maintaining the biorocks, spreading environmental awareness around the island, helping separate rubbish on the dump, and assist with any other projects we have going on. Surrounding myself with people that share my same passion is by far my favorite part about volunteering with the Gili Eco Trust.

Céline Beaudon August 2016

21 years old, M1 Economy of Companies and territories, Bordeaux Sciences Agro

 I’m doing a 3 months internship at GET to valid my M1. I’m going to specialize in management and economy of marine resources during my M2 in Agro Campus Ouest in Rennes. Then I’ll get another M2 in marine energies.
I couldn’t ask for a better internship! I’ve never studied marine biology and I learned a lot about it here. I did my open and advanced the first week I was here. I also did the reef check and biorock course. Diving is amazing here. I did a study about the prototype of the turbine designed by ARUP. It is not turning and I did a lot of research into past papers to find out why, to find solutions and to characterize the current. In the mean time I was helping to check the Biorocks every week and maintain them. I discovered a lot about wasting management by working at the dump. It was really interesting to participate to all of the missions of Gili Eco Trust. We also organize a big charity event at the Irish pub with the casino royal night. I learned how to be a blackjack dealer and had lots of fun being one for one night! We were a lots of interns and volunteers so it was really good moments.