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Future goals that we want to achieve.
  • Enhanced protection of the reefs and of the marine life, with an enforcement of the local regulations by the population itself and by the authorities, working more with the DKP and BKKPN
  • More Biorock structures and reefs all around the three islands, a new project in May - June 2015 for Manta Dive Gili Air for a full snorkling park made of Biorocks
  • More awareness of swimmers and snorkelers about importance of corals
  • More shops, companies and tourists involved in our Biorock workshops
  • More moorings buoys around the protected areas
  • More educational events to raise further awareness of the population
  • Our Main goal for 2015 is a proper waste management project, as we are dealing finr with the glass upcycling workshops, but we need to have an incinerator on the island for a real reduction of the rubbish dump and daily rubbish on Trawangan.
  • Continuous cleaning of Gili Trawangan and banning of the plastic bags
  • Education of the local kids and workers about waste management and recycling
  • but also…
For many years we have been thinking of how to make our successful reef restoration more sustainable. We have tried using solar panels on a barge but they are difficult to maintain and get stolen easily out in the sea. As we are scuba diving around the three Gili islands but also all over Indonesia, we are so aware of the strength and energy that the marine currents have in this region. So we would like to build a tidal energy turbine following the work of Dr. Gorlov with local equipment, material and manpower. We have tried to get funding for the last 4 years to import a tidal energy turbine but it is very difficult to import such technology in Indonesia without paying a lot of tax and it is also difficult to get funding for a very expensive turbine, which will produce way more energy that a Biorock reef needs. Moreover we want to use local knowledge, local material and our experience to build a turbine, which will produce the electricity needed for a Biorock reef and give the best example of how the electricity should be produced in Indonesia instead of using oil. Tidal power has great potential for future power and electricity generation especially in Indonesia which would be able to use its main wealth, the ocean.

We built a tidal turbine prototype, which worked but the rotation was too slow. We are currently working with engineers from the ARUP to improve its efficiency and to build a new prototype.

Now our turbine is coming together with fiber glass blades and the catamaran is getting built with a proper built in generator!!!
We are planning to test it as soon as it is done and in the water, and if it works to connect it for a big Biorock project to stabilise the sea bad in the North of Trawangan.