2018 Newsletter

A brief overview of some of our campaigns in 2017 and where our hard work has paid off, along with some news on upcoming projects in this new year. We wish everyone a very successful, happy and plastic free new year and thanks for all of your continued support and encouragement through another year!

We crushed it at the casino!

The third Casino on Gili Trawangan was dealt on Monday 27th November. Now we are finally over the headaches from those wonderful espresso martinis and washed away all the glam and glitter, we have managed to count the chips and winnings to find out Tir Na Nog latest island fundraiser managed to raise an incredible […]

Turtles are finding their way back to Gili Trawangan

Huge changes have occurred on Gili Trawangan in the last few months when the government took back the beach and ordered the clearance of all buildings and structures on the sandy side of Trawangan’s main path. The government informed all the businesses to take structures, tables and sunbeds on the beach. Although they are still […]

Bank Sampah recycling on Gili Trawangan

Cash for trash on Gili T Bank Sampah, literally meaning the bank of rubbish,is a small scale recycling facility set up on Gili Trawangan August 2016. With funds from businesses on Gili looking to commit to mitigation of the rubbish problem, the Gili Eco Trust created a small sheltered structure where we can start to […]

Bringing some humanity to the ponies of Gili

Late November we had the third and final visit of the year of a group of veterinarians from Australia who, along with their students, have made it their mission to treat and care for the often forgotten ponies of Gili. In collaboration with the Gili Eco Trust and Horses of Gili, the veterinarians come to […]