What is Biorock?

The Biorock technology is a novel technique to create artificial coral reefs, by building a steel structure and putting a low voltage of direct current through it when sunk in the ocean.

Reef gardeners and biorock students attach corals that are still alive but aren’t rooted to substrate onto the structures. Due to the low voltage current and resulting electrolytic reaction a stable substrate is formed of calcium carbonate around the metal, providing a sturdy surface for corals to cement to. This low voltage also promotes the corals grow faster and stronger than on natural reefs. Doing this, Gili Eco Trust restores the beautiful coral reefs of Gili Trawangan in a short period of time. They have proven to be more resilient than natural reefs in severe bleaching events of 2009, 2010 and 2016. More than 120 structures are placed in the waters around the Gili Islands, fostering a lot of new corals and a vast array of fish life.