If you are a professional photographer, videographer or content maker and would like to help us out, we are always in need of professional quality content.

Here is the general kind of content we usually need:


  • Documenting of our activities and events such as the Debris Free Fridays, Fridays For Future, World Oceans Day, Suparmans Treevolution, Cats of Gili Vet Clinic to name but a few. If you’re able to help us cover events, please contact us in advance so we can brief you and make sure we don’t already have enough content makers covering it already. If you can edit and deliver the finished content as soon as possible that would be amazing as we can share it as up to date news. 
  • Donations of images or video clips you’ve already taken. Anything relevant to our activities or on the theme of becoming an eco-friendly sustainable island, or even just beautiful nature here.
  • Share links for content, videos or photos about Gili Eco Trust or the Gili Islands that you’ve posted elsewhere so that we can repost. Some of our previous volunteers made short films while here and have been nominated for awards at international film festivals. This is a great way to help promote the important issues on our islands.


This applies to content which is made especially for us. We created these guidelines to ensure your efforts are not wasted and that the quality is suitable for our needs. 


  • Use of professional equipment and editing
  • Good lighting and exposure
  • No excessive use of processing or filtering
  • No watermarks
  • Please include your name and copyright in the metadata
  • Please name your files in the following format: “(Name of Activity)_Gili Eco Trust_(Your Name)_Date_(Sequence Number)”
  • Images must be minimum 1920 pixels on the longest edge.
  • Full size JPEGS are preferred where possible so we can crop them if necessary
  • We prefer lots of images shot in landscape format – we need these especially for our website and blog. 
  • Leave some space in images, don’t get too close to the subject unless it’s a macro photo and being close is the whole point


We only accept submissions sent to us by any of the following methods:

Please include your full name (as you’d like to be credited) and website/social media handles so we can link to you where possible.

Please do not send us content on WhatsApp or other social media platforms, the quality is degraded and we cannot use it.


By submitting your content to us, you agree that we may use it to promote our activites on our website, social media, newsletter and other relevant platforms the Gili Eco Trust may be present on. We honour your copyright and will never sell or use your images or work in any commercial way.

We will always credit you within posts, but it is not possible to do so on our main website pages. Please name your files correctly so that you are correctly identified as the photographer/creator of the work. For your own interests, we recommend you insert your copyright details in the metadata fields of your files also.


We are really grateful for all the help we receive and that includes our content creating volunteers.

We have created these guidelines in order to help make sure we are on the same page. We ask that you please don’t take it personally if we do not use your services or content for any reason. We know your heart is in a beautiful place by offering, but we do get a lot of content which is not suitable for our needs, so we prefer to be transparent about what we really need. 

Thank you for being awesome and understanding.



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