Gili Triathlon – winners all round!

Running towards a sustainable island

Gili Trawangan’s 4th triathlon on October 8th was an island wide event bringing together 67 triathletes from all over the world. The aim: to swim, bike and run around the island whilst getting everyone together and having lots of fun. Most importantly, it was to raise funds for the organic waste collection and composting projects on Gili Trawangan.

The race started at its usual place at Trawangan Dive. With set up on the beach front including competitor registration and the Bumblebees Montessori School bake sale. The kids baked delicious cakes, cookies, and muffins that triathletes and passersby could enjoy. With their fabulous (and ridiculously cute) selling skills they raised 2,003,000rp from their home made cakes! Thanks to everyone who supported and bought their cookies. Trawangan Dive raised an additional 480,000rp with burger sales and were great and generous hosts for the start of the triathlon! After the craze of the race and a few celebratory beers the prize giving ceremony began. Set at the finish line, Tir Na Nog Irish and presented by Seth from Soccer and the Dude. The winners received a cash prize and their medals that were made from upcycled San Miguel bottles.


Whilst the rush and excitement of the race was taking place the eco fair at Persona’s triAFTERlon began. The fair included enticing eco stalls from the lovely YIN jewelry, feather braiding, sustainable products from Bali Blossoms, and our eco trust stall with upcycled products created out of the island’s rubbish problem. Pesona Resort put on their famous Indian Buffet offering food proceeds and an extra generous donation (making their total donation at 5 million rupiah) to help our cause. Once we were all full of delicious curry and the plastic free vodka jelly shots started to be passed around it was time for another Gili Eco Trust raffle. With over 800 tickets sold, and over 100 prizes at stake the raffle went down a treat. Lucky people went home with some great prizes including free meals, dive packages and some lovely stays in hotels both on and off the island. Once again, a huge thanks to all of the businesses on the island who donated their generous prizes. All of these amazing prizes added up bringing the raffle ticket sales to 28million rupiah.

All of the funds donated will go to help the Gili composting facilities. The organic waste collection on Gili T has been currently operating for 18 months. A total of 21 businesses are donating their food and organic waste to the free organic waste collection service. The Gili Eco Trust are taking action on the sheer volume of food waste mixed in with every other scrap material such as plastic, wood and metal taken to the dump every day.

Bigger, better, stronger

Each morning the Gili Eco Trust cidomo collects large sealed tubs from all over the island; Picking up food scraps and fruit husks that are ready to be composted. These tubs over time have been scrubbed and reused. However through general wear and tear, a lot of them have been snapped and broken. A new upgrade of all boxes was needed. The aim is obviously for these tubs to be reusable so that we can clean them and return them to businesses so that the process can be repeated. They also need to have lids so the smell doesn’t disrupt business and isn’t unpleasant by the time it’s picked up. We raised a total of 35,800,0000rp which means now we have ordered 100 new boxes for this project. The new ones ordered after the success of the Gili Triathlon means we have stronger, larger and more durable boxes. Our aim is then to expand and sustain this project for many years to come.

Why do we want your food waste?!

The food waste we collect will be turned into fertilizer or ‘pupuk’. With the humid tropical environment within 3 months the aerobic digestion will create nutritious rich soil matter .Which is very fertile and great for gardens and growing vegetables. We have a small scale organic garden where we are already growing healthy veggies ready for consumption. If you would like to buy some of our island organic fertilizer for your gardens, or business we sell a 25kg bag of fertilizer for only 50,000rp. Fancy your hand at gardening? Soon we will be planting lots more veggies so volunteers and landscape artists welcome!

If you own a business that is interested in signing up to our free organic waste collection, please email us at to find out more information.