Green Day At The Local School


On Saturday 7th April we held the first ever Gili green day with the local school kids! The volunteers of the Gili Eco Trust teamed up with the local school on Gili Trawangan and the Bumblebees kids to create a huge action day and exhibition with the intention of having lots of fun, and learning about how to protect our environment for the future.

Over the last few months the Gili Eco Trust volunteers have been carefully planning lessons each week with around 30 kids from the SDN Gili Indah school, learning though games, interactions and singing how to look after the environment, why you shouldn’t drop litter, and learning about different animals and where they come from. These classes were set up voluntarily by the BumbleBees school, inviting local kids to come to an afternoon class for free, learn English and play with all of the school equipment. When it first started in Nov/Dec, there were 3 children that would attend regularly. Now there are almost 30 at each Saturday class!


The teachers of the Bumblebees and our volunteers got together to organize a Green Day at the SDN Gili Indah school with all 250 students to show the whole school what they had been learning.

At 7:30 the interns had ready plenty of trash workshops turning rubbish into instruments and toys, and each child was asked to find and bring an empty water bottle. After our good morning song, the Indonesian national anthem and the newly created song about caring for Gii Trawangan, we were all warmed up and ready to learn about recycling.

With our huge bank sampah banners, we taught the kids that trash goes into different coloured bins depending on how we can recycle them. They listened carefully and excitedly and at the end found it much easier to remember with the trash relay races. Each team had to select a piece of rubbish from a pile and decide which bin to put it in; we got almost top marks from both teams! Racing around the playground screaming and laughing can finally make rubbish fun!


After a break, the classes were divided up into 4 teams and each sat down to a different activity. Some kids were creating castanets from old bottle caps and waste cardboard, with a chance to get creative and paint their own designs on, whilst another team used their plastic water bottles to create a money bank, saving the trash from getting in the sea and to save up their pocket money! They got a chance to personalize their own money bank to take home with them for safe keeping. Another group was busy making maracas from old bottles carefully cutting strips to create a sound of the sea and when everyone had done, the wonderful un-choreographed racket that came with it was surely worth it….


Once they had all completed at least one activity, they got a chance to show their love for the ocean with the giant flip flop fish! A carefully designed bare steel structure waiting in the corner of the playground with all the old flip flops rescued on beach cleaning missions ready to be attached as little plastic scales. This huge visually powerful structure was erected on the beach at Sama Sama on the 22nd April on Trawangan Clean Up Day!


This was a great, exhausting morning for the kids running around and learning the value of the rubbish we find and to teach them not to litter and how we can recycle it as well. These kids present the future of Gili Trawangan, and if they want to preserve their island and to create a sustainable plastic free paradise for all to enjoy, we know it starts with these guys and working together to help them become the future guardians of their island.

A huge thanks to the volunteers who set this up, one of the biggest young educational events on Trawangan for ALL kids to join in with, so to the Gili Eco Trust Green Team – thanks! And also many thanks to the headmaster who helped organize and get it all together and ready in time, Pak Fikri and to the hardworking and passionate teachers of the Gili Bumblebees, and all of their students, who found the extra time to bring the classes together. We also want to thank organization Stella – Enabaling Education who donated us funds to further education projects, collect together all art equipment and to build the structure.



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