The Ocean Quest Coral Rehabilitation Course is a comprehensive module that is aimed at developing a deeper understanding of particular coral rehabilitation techniques. 

A higher level of knowledge on coral handling and broodstock extraction is taught in this course. Site preparation, equipment and monitoring methods are also included in the course and taught over a series of videos, presentations and workbooks.

The Ocean Quest Coral Rehabilitation course intends to provide budding eco-warriors and future marine biologists with fundamental knowledge on corals and techniques using substrate and broodstock collection, coral rehabilitation and nursery site selection, building and monitoring.

After completion of this course, students may participate in any of Ocean Quest’s ongoing coral restoration projects and be ready to respond in case of disaster. 

This method was established by coral scientist Anuar in Malaysia, a method he has been developing since the ’80s. We created our first coral nurseries in April 2018. They are full of colourful coral colonies and have helped introduce new fish species into areas which have been destroyed by anchors and storms.

 It is suitable for anyone already a scuba diver, with a deeper passion to help preserve coral reef ecosystems. Whether that is as an interest, hobby, or pre-studies/dissertation research such as marine biology, marine conservation, oceanography and students looking for more field experience. 

This 3-day course follows through a series of educational videos, workbooks and knowledge reviews to ensure a full understanding, and then 2 shore dives to assess and monitor the coral nursery, and then to collect broodstock and propagate and install in the nursery.



  • PADI Advanced open water (or equivalent)
  • Competent buoyancy skills
  • Whilst a marine scientific background is not necessary, a passion for ocean conservation and preservation is encouraged!


Please check with us about dates, due to Covid 19 we have had to make some changes to our schedules.

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