Real Change for Climate Change. What to do when all feels hopeless

As we witness Glasgow’s COP26 wrapped up, we are left wondering if world leaders will take the worsening climate crisis seriously, or if it is just another greenwashed attempt to quieten those who are concerned for the survival of the human race. 

All climate talk can be overwhelming, whether you have continued to follow the talks or if you don’t feel like you know enough, it can make you feel helpless during this seemingly dire situation. In this article, I want to provide you with some hope for our planet. This article will highlight a number of inspiring small-scale organizations that are making real change located in impacted countries across the globe. Each organization noted has information about it, as well as some additional links to help you explore what they have to offer.

Make Change World

This organization’s goal is to make the pollution problem the forefront of conversations and media. Founded by three siblings, this organization not only has grown exponentially but also has enacted real changes. The Sungai Watch was a program created after seeing mass amounts of plastic flooding the waters. This river clean-up program aims at stopping plastic waste from making its way to the oceans. They have even worked on creating devices that have aided in this goal that are both cheap and effective. Since just August 2020, they have collected 450,000 kgs of trash.


The Solutions Project

This nonprofit organization helps to amplify the voices of leaders, changemakers, innovators, and others who strive to fight climate change. Through grants, media capacity such as communication training, and support to grow their voice, this organization is helping solutionaries reach their audience. Through their work, they can increase diversity in voices and help individuals tell stories, solutions, and successes that will reach the people. Since 2015, 128 grantees have received a total of 8.5 million dollars in grants across 33 states mostly by women of color.



“We are a not-for-profit organization that aims to decelerate the climate crisis through climate education and blue carbon ecosystem conservation (from website).” Through its three pillars, conservation, education, and community, this organization strives to make travelling a more eco-friendly experience. The organization works with individuals and groups to help voice the need for climate crises conversations through all forms of media such as videos and podcasts. CarbonEthics also works to offset carbon emissions. They have a focus on offsetting blue carbon, or carbon that is stored in marine and coastal ecosystems. Blue carbon ecosystems can store up to 10 times the amount of carbon as a terrestrial forest. By working with local farmers, currently located in Thousand Islands, Jakarta, Bintan Island, and Bali, they can cultivate new ecosystems that have notable benefits to the climate crisis.


Force of Nature

Through the empowerment of young people, Force of Nature strives to turn climate-related anxiety into fuel for actions that resolve the crisis. This mission simultaneously starts conversations about climate-crisis-related anxiety but it also gives people the tools needed to create real changes. The nonprofit achieves its mission through its numerous classes for educators (on how to handle climate-related emotions among students), businesses (on empowering them to become leaders in the industry), and nonprofits (by giving them tools to improve mental wellbeing, energy, and impact potential among their entire team). This youth-driven nonprofit has presented programs to over 1,000 people across over 50 countries.


We Naturalists

This is a social media site designed and created for people to connect about their passion for nature. The site is a space for like-minded people to communicate, collaborate, network, discuss and showcase their work better. The site is for anyone whether you’re a climate activist already or just wanting to learn a little more about our planet. The site not only is about connecting with people and organizations but there are stories and opportunities to help the cause throughout the site.


This article was written by Ellie from the blog Rivers of Books. On the blog, she writes on both books related and nature topics with a focus on books. She lives in the US and loves spending time outdoors when she can, preferably with a book! You can find her on her blog and on Instagram


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