Suparmans Treevolution: Seeds of the Future

Suparmans Treevolution: Seeds of the Future

Our sustainable future starts today With his ever impeccable timing, Suparman succeeded to hold another fun-filled morning at Suparman Pizza and nursery. Monday 17th August was Indonesia’s 75th year of Independence. This was the perfect opportunity to promote green sustainability on Gili Trawangan! Trawangan island’s community got together to hold another seed planting event. Suparman […]

World Oceans Day Gili 2020

Gili Trawangan has been stuck inside an island lockdown for almost 3 months now. No one allowed to enter and if you leave, you cannot return. After the initial few weeks, these strict measures meant that if islanders are sensible and social distancing, we can kind of do as we please. We aimed to set […]

Re-Greening Gili T with Suparman’s TREEvolution

Suparman’s TREEvolution proposal was simple, there is so many areas of the island being destroyed and taken over by development, rubble and concrete and he rightfully believes that tourism will be encouraged more by green spaces, tree cover, a cooler island and a more beautiful island! We helped to pick out locations all over the […]