On Gili T for a little longer and want to give back to the island we all enjoy and love? We are always looking for new passionate and motivated volunteers to join our eco-warriors on their daily environmental missions. If you are fascinated about Biorocks and want to learn more about this incredible reef restoration technique then join on our 2-week intensive programme to build and sink your very own artificial coral reef!

Not a certified diver? No problem, there are several positions available in our green team (ten at any one time)

Among helping out the local staff in the recycling centre, to additional beach cleans, our green team continue to collect data and research trends in tourism, solid waste, events planning and communications.

If you feel like you are a suitable candidate for our 2-month eco-warrior volunteering then get in touch with the button below!

Please note: we only accept full-time volunteers/interns for a minimum of 2 months to ensure proper training and inductions on all projects. Anything under this could be detrimental to the long term projects we are sustaining.


If you are visiting the island for just a short time, there are many activities you can join us for. Please check out this link.

During my 3 months on Gili Trawangan, I assisted in the Montessori school twice a week. We created little games and songs inspiring kids to care for the environment and finished term time joining with the local school and 250+ children for a big GreenDay event with games and crafts. I will never forget my Eco Warrior experience and how anyone can make a difference.

Jimmy Ridray

Studying Social Studies , France

During this internship, I helped three times a week to help sorting the plastic bottles, labels and bottle caps on the island with Bank Sampah. Recycling on Trawangan is so important as this amazing island is drowning in rubbish. It was wonderful to make an impact and be able to help out.

Pauline Lautrous

Studying Agriculture & Environment, France

I spent 3 months at the Gili Eco Trust whilst on Gili Trawangan. I love cats so it was so nice to help out during the cat clinics 2 weeks of the island. We had to catch all the cats of the island to neuter and vaccinate them to help the population and ensure they aren’t all sick. I learnt a lot and had a lot of fun with the team of eco warriors for the Gili Eco Trust. I hope to come back again!

Lola Mongis

Nursing Student, France


Do You Take Volunteers for shorter periods?

Unfortunately we are not able to accept volunteers for anything less than 2 months. The reason for this is practical: we are a very small team with a lot of projects to run at any one time. We simply don’t have the resources to train or manage short stay volunteers.

Just like when you start a new job, you need some training to learn all the ropes before you are able to independently undertake tasks. Likewise, when new volunteers join us, we invest a lot of time and energy in onboarding them and give them the necessary training for the tasks they will be involved in or responsible for. We love being able to do this as we know our volunteers will be able to make a big impact once they’ve learnt the ropes. But we have learnt from experience that volunteers get the most out of their time with us when they stay for a minimum of two months, if not more.

Is there an age limit for volunteers?

Due to the nature of our programs, we welcome all ages over 18 and from a diverse range of backgrounds. The main thing is your passion for the environment and desire to help make a difference.

Do I need to know how to scuba dive?

Not at all. If you would like to learn to dive, it is possible to arrange this with Trawangan Dive. However, if you prefer staying dry, we have plenty of other activities to keep you busy as part of our green team.

Volunteering and covid restrictions.

Whilst we are still struggling to continue our projects and accept volunteers through this difficult time, the current covid crisis in Indonesia is changing rapidly.

Volunteer placements are subject to availability and may be re-scheduled or cancelled due to disruptions caused by visa applications and border restrictions.

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