Waste management

Gili Trawangan is facing major environmental challenges. In the past 15 years it has gone from being an almost uninhabited island to one of Indonesia’s premium holiday destinations, but island tourism often puts huge pressure on the natural environment. Local infrastructure on Gili T is struggling to cope with the speed of change and particularly the waste created by tourists. The Gili Eco Trust has made huge progress in getting the island to its current state, initiating a recycling scheme and waste collection.

Debris Free Friday

Every friday we get together with beach cleaning organisation SeaMade who, along with dive staff, tourists and locals at 5pm to clean the beach To maintain our plastic free paradise. A great chance to meet new people and make friends, we spend one hour collecting and sorting trash from different areas of the beach and finish off with an ice cold beer for free!


Bank Sampah Gili Indah is Gili Eco Trust’s recycling station, where all the recyclables end up. This can include materials such as plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles and tetrapak cartons. We process them, crush the plastic bottles and cartons into huge blocks and ship it to a recycling station in Lombok. We manage to transport between 10-15 tonnes of recyclable waste off Gili T every 10 days.

Gili Eco Trust aims to process the rubbish of the entire island increasing the amount of trash sorted and not ending up at the dump. For this we need to expand our Bank Sampah facilities, which will also create more job opportunities. To carry this out, we need a bigger recycling station. We are raising money via crowdfunding, find out more about it on: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/save-gili-trawangan-paradise-island-from-rubbish–2#/

Upcycling glassware

Our shop is filled with beautiful and unique upcycled products, all handmade from the rubbish found on the island. Bintang bottles can mostly be sent back to be refilled, but that doesn’t count for the other glass bottles. We make drinking glasses, ashtrays, earrings and other jewelry out of the empty bottles! Businesses can order a big batch of these products and we can personalise them with their logo or name etched in the glass, all done in our glass workshop directly on Gili Trawangan. A great way for businesses to have professional and personal engraved products and for tourists to shop for unique gifts created on Gili Trawangan. Proceeds of the Gili Glass campaign go directly back into the recycling projects, and people buying them are helping us to keep the island clean!